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I am putting this FREE resource together because I want to help anyone that wants to join the world’s finest military organization. I spent 8 years in the military & the experience has changed my life. It gave me opportunities and I would never of had outside of the military.

So here it is the deal…

I want to help you understand the ASVAB score, your AFQT score and help you find out which military careers you will qualify for. I can help you with to improve in areas that you may need help with and if you ever need anything specific as I put up new material and posts, don’t hesitate to ask.

We can do it together! Lets get started by clicking below!

Frustrated with the ASVAB?


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  1. Pablo Iglesias says:

    ASVAB Results by

    Congratulations! You have completed the ASVAB test! Below is your score. We recommend you review the correct answers and then study up on the sections which you did not do so well on. With persistence and a bit of hard work, you can Ace the ASVAB!!

    General Science 36 %
    Arithmetic Reasoning 66 %
    Word Knowledge 51 %
    Paragraph Comprehension 73 %
    Mathematics Knowledge 40 %
    Electronics Information 25%
    Auto & Shop Information 48 %
    Mechanical Comprehension 36 %
    Assembling Objects 92 %

    I don’t understand this is my score of the practice test because I put this scores in the calculator and say that I qualify for every single job.

    May be just because is just a practice test

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