ARMY ASVAB Score Calculator

Newly developed and can’t be found anywhere else on the internet:


Just enter your raw asvab scores from your ASVAB printout you get from your recruiter or even better, find the job(s) that you want to get in the US Army, and figure out what ASVAB scores are the most important to study in order to get that job or MOS!!

Just a quick note, some of the jobs have two line scores required to qualify for that MOS. An example of this is (31C) Radio Operators/Maintainer:

You need:

  • SC Line score of 100 (which is combined VE+AR+AS+MC raw asvab scores)
  • EL Line score of 100 (which is combined GS+AR+MK+EL raw asvab scores)

Enjoy the calculator and if you have any problems, just reload the page to get a fresh calculator!
Check back soon! There are more ASVAB Score HQ Calculators on the way!


  1. Michael Resly says:

    I just took my asvab’s a couple weeks ago, but was off by one point. I scored a 49 on my AFQT and needed a 50 or better. If you haven’t realized it yet by that remark that I’m a GED candidate. Any pointers? Also looking for good jobs for communications or intelligence. Also wouldn’t mind hearing your story or what ever. Thank you very much for the study guides and calculators too

    • scott says:

      Well first of.. great job taking the first steps to joining the world’s best military organization. When it comes to the AFQT, which part of the exam didn’t you do poorly at? The AFQT is made up of math and language skills, so those would be the ones to concentrate on.

      I am currently working on getting more sample tests and skills materials on the site. I have been spending so much time with recruiters trying to get the latest information for the calculators, that I have neglecting the main focus of my mission: to help 1000 soldiers/sailors pass the ASVAB.

  2. scott says:

    Fixed alot of the issues with the Army Calculator. I am still waiting on my recruiters to delivery me the 2013 scales and the new and updated list of rates. Once I have them in my hand, i will be working tirelessly to get this calculator updated for 2013!

  3. Jeff Blinkinsop says:

    Hi, in taking the practice tests online it only gives you a percentage score for each section, is there a way to calculate that? Thanks for you heard work on this.

  4. David Stewart says:

    i have a 35 on my army ASVAB, i took back in october of 2012… I passed, of course but none of my line scores are able to get me a job..NONE!. & I cannot re-test because i already passed

  5. Sanjay Regmi says:

    i m sorry but this calculator is not calculating correctly. i checked mine using this, got 167 for CL, but actually it was 126 on asvab paper, same with other scores too. but the basic concept is still correct and this website is really helpful. keep up the good work and help thousand more to pass the asvab.

  6. Michael Tuber says:

    Hey guys, I am in a REALLY tough situation. I took my first ASVAB in October and scored a 57. Which with a GED was good enough. But i had to take the AIMs (assessment of individual motivation) and meet a certain ratio to be able to enlist. I only scored a 43 and didnt meet the ratio. So I retook the test and scored a 77 which after calculating my standard scores I qualify for all MOSs and even then i did not score well enough to meet the ratio. and because i jumped 20 points i had to take a confirmation test and even then i did not score within the ratio or the amount of points needed to show that i didnt cheat so i waited the 6 months. After 6 months i didnt really care to join the military. but after waiting 2 more months i was back getting ready to join. After talking to someone down at MEPS i found out which areas 3 the ratio is pulled from and how it is calculated. I am not sure if i am supposed to know that or if i am allowed to say which ones they are pulled from but i scored a 73 on my retest and the ratio came up 4 points from qualifying me. 1 1/3 points more from each of the 3 subjects and i would be swearing in this week. I was told i have to wait another month to retake the test but after doing research with my recruiter i might have to wait 6 months to retest but im scared i will lose all motivation again. My family and friends are counting on me to give up and prove me wrong because in my past i was never one to complete things. but this is something i really want and im terrified of waiting the 6 months. Any recommendations of what to do? if anyone has any ideas please email me at this is getting ridiculous and im ready to take it for the 5th and final time… just not in 6 months.

  7. Amanda House says:

    Hi, I want know how questions there is on VE (sum of WK & PC). How many points is that worth. thank you

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