COAST GUARD ASVAB Score Calculator

Newly developed and can’t be found anywhere else on the internet:


Just enter your raw asvab scores from your ASVAB printout you get from your recruiter or even better, find the job(s) that you want to get in the US Coast Guard, and figure out what ASVAB scores are the most important to study in order to get that job!!

Just a quick note, some of the jobs have two requirements to qualify for them. An example of this is Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT):

You need:

  • 220  –  score for AR+AS+EL+MC raw asvab scores
  • 52  –  score for AR raw asvab score

Enjoy the calculator and if needed, just reload the page to get a fresh calculator! Check back soon! There are more ASVAB Score HQ Calculators on the way!


  1. Lonnie says:


    I run and this tool is by far one of the most useful applications I have seen on the web. I am recommending this to anyone I get an email from who has questions about joining the coast guard.

  2. Hector says:

    Is the Coast Guard accepting recruits with(still giving waivers) if not pass the AFQT part but can qualify to a job because of line scores. Thank You

  3. Alex says:

    Hey i dont think your calculator is working out the VE correctly. If it is please let me know.

    • scott says:

      VE is calculated as: Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) + (Verbal Expression (VE) x2 )

      If you have a source that states otherwide please post a link or book that shows the change. I strive to keep the information as up to date as possible.

      • scott says:

        I made the nessasary changes to the calculations. Thanks so much for pointing out that for me! I strive to give everyone the most updated information possible.

  4. Justin Breeden says:

    Hey uh the paper I got already has VE on it as a score do I go with that or what this website says because they are two way different scores. Just wondering…

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